Smart Bike Helmets Disfigured by Decoration

Recently I ranted about the difference between design and decoration. Is short, the former is process of refinement in function that often results in beauty. The latter is the equivalent of taking a rose and spray-painting it with polka dots.

Curiously, these bike helmets from Yakkay do both. The naked helmet is plain, handsome and very nice looking and its stainless steel buckles and air-routing system show some good thinking on the design side. However, compare the handsome helmet with one of the add-on covers. Pure decoration. We guess that the idea is to make head protection more "fashionable", but in reality this will just make you look like some bobble-head in a cap.

Still, even a nasty old cap is better than a split-open brain-pan, so we'll forgive Yakkay its decorative leanings. Except for one: much like any bling product, the helmets cost a lot: $120.

Product page [Yakkay via Coolhunting]